Cuba’s Reform Process, What’s Changed?

    There are people who reached the reforms process at the same time as the rest of us but they came with certain advantages: former high-ranking officials from important state-owned companies, with important connections, expertise and know-how.

featuredimage What Cuba Loses Because of its Incompetent Farm Bureaucracy

How much does Cuba lose each year because of the inefficiency of its agricultural bureaucracy? Let’s take a look at some of the hard figures. The answer is as shocking as it is inexplainable for a country with limited resources.

featuredimage Cardenas, Matanzas a Month after Irma

I recently had the privilege of visiting Cardenas, a few weeks after Hurricane Irma swept through to the north of this city in the Matanzas province. I walked down some of its streets and talked to locals… (10 photos)

featuredimage Sonic Attacks: Cubans Don’t Take Them Sitting Down

By now we’re all aware of the charges flying around the world that United States diplomats— and lately even casual tourists— may have been victims of scurrilous “sonic attacks” which left them near-deaf and near-daft.

featuredimage Cuba Offers Cheaper Nicotine for the Revolution and the Future

While some might say business is business, Repatrado sees a series contradiction in lucrative State owned tobacco companies lowering the price of cigarettes and promoting their consumption in Cuba, especially among the youth, and the costs to the national health system in the medium and long run.

rightcolimage A Woman’s Place

Sexual object, sex slave, Barbie. For decades, women didn’t have the right to vote. Very few women have been the president of a country. She was reduced to giving birth without being able to stop it, constrained to the home almost by decree.

rightcolimage A Cuba-USA Story of Here and There

Danay and Juan are two regular young people out of the many here in Cuba who have been wanting to emigrate for a long time. They were born and raised during the cumbersome Special Period crisis of the 1990s and they became adults in the middle of the transformation period of Cuban Socialism.

rightcolimage Another Water Crisis and My Possible Solution

I thought that my activism had resolved the water problem on my block, but when the problem is just as bad or worse, I thought that maybe it was hurricane Irma’s fault. It’s been more than a week now since this precious liquid hasn’t come to my home.

rightcolimage Excuses in US Foreign Policy

Nobody should be surprised about the fact that today, the current US president is using an excuse so as to take US-Cuba relations back to what they were during the Cold War.

rightcolimage YouTube’s Maternal Side

An unusual pleasure which some of us all share in some way or another is that of knowing how somebody we like is, what they are doing, what they are up to in their day-to-day lives. But not a relative or a friend, someone we don’t even know.

rightcolimage A Rapist on the Loose in Alamar, The Movie

Alamar is unsettled, news of a rapist running around on the loose through the neighborhood’s streets interrupts any conversation, outshining the increase in agro-market prices and livening up lines. There are so many different versions; sometimes, dates get mixed up, the number of victims varies, but the reality is that people are very stressed about this issue.

rightcolimage We Decide: “Trees Aren’t the Problem”

On October 10th, under the slogan “Trees aren’t the problem”, artists, environmentalists and lovers of life on the whole came together and participated in the performance piece “Human Connection for Forest Revitalization.” (23 photos)

rightcolimage Havana’s Neighborhood Movie Theaters

In ruins, like defenseless ghosts in the whirlwind of a city that grew with them, neighborhood movie theaters no longer tell us stories, but they resist being left completely empty inside. Maybe it’s their last attempt to save us from sinking into a dream-void state. (44 photos)