featuredimage Will Trump Boycott Venezuelan Oil?

Some US officials are now voicing the possibility of prohibiting Venezuelan crude oil exports to the United States as one of several sanctions on President Trump’s table. We look at the possible consequences.

featuredimage A Convinced Cuban Internationalist

Miguel Jesus Jimenez Rojo is 72 years old, he enlisted himself into the whirlwind of the Revolution, faithfully collaborating with it in any corner of the world where he was needed. Today, he lives in very modest conditions.

featuredimage Ecological Boat Carries Out Mission in Cuba

With a futuristic design covered with solar panels, the Swiss ship “Race for Water Odyssey” docked in the port of Havana with the aim of exchanging with Cuban scientists about the contamination of the oceans with plastic debris.

featuredimage Underweight Bread and Graffiti against Raul Castro

On Monday July 17th, “Down with Castro” graffiti ushered in the new day on Campanario Street between Carmen and Rayo in Central Havana. The hasty arrival of painters with rollers erased this act of daring soon enough, even though the metallic green paint of the accusing letters could still be seen under the grout of the door that used to belong to the Municipal Impoundment center for seized goods.

rightcolimage Military Service in Cuba: Not for Women or Men

Naomi can never sit still for a second: she crosses the street from one side to the next, she makes up adventures with her friends, she wriggles around to the beat of her neighbor’s music, she has been wearing make-up for two years now, she is a natural born leader who brings other kids from around the block together.

rightcolimage Will Venezuelans Die of Hunger to Keep Maduro in Power?

I’m at the Barquisimeto bus terminal in Lara State. Next to me, there’s a dog. She drags along a paw and she has myiasis on some parts of her body. I suddenly think about what I can give her to eat…

rightcolimage We Are All Wolves

I interviewed the young actress and filmmaker Camila Carballo. Her last short movie “Lobos” (wolves), tells the story of two men who break into an old man’s apartment after he has just passed away, and they do this for the simple reason that they want to extend their homes.

rightcolimage Speculation about Cuba’s Future

Pro-capitalist speculation and instructions from “saviors” of the Revolution are appearing in the pro-capitalist media on a regular basis. These “saviors” are proposing on changing, very gently, the current system of government in a transition period where capitalism will slowly be reinstated…

rightcolimage Cuban Children and Their Toys

Today in Cuba, like in the rest of the world, children’s toys have nothing to do with what they once were in past eras. Likewise, obtaining them is something that has become an extremely difficult task here on the island.

rightcolimage A Game of Love and Cruelty

I am aware that there might not be very many gamers among Havana Times readers, however, I’m going out on a limb today and will talk a little bit about a game that deserves a review.

rightcolimage The Good and the Bad When it Comes to Cuba

A French friend used to tell me that listening to criticism from foreigners about her country was a healthy experience for her. The general opinions of a visitor tend to be based on the splendor of a first impression, and aren’t objective at all.

rightcolimage Of Course it’s Possible to be a Millionaire in Cuba

Being a millionaire is the dream of many, I can’t say that it hasn’t been my own too. Some children fantasize about having a lot of money to take water and food to starving children in exploited Africa; others thought about helping those most in need on the planet…