Can We Progress in Cuba under the Current Model?

    I can’t help but think about the parallel between the way of tackling the problem of outstanding payments for rice farmers and the tobacco farmers’ struggle to receive a fair price for tobacco. The solution in the rice farmer’s case and the problem being dealt with, in our case, only appears once we complain to the press.

featuredimage Havana’s Gran Hotel Manzana: A Slap in the Face

With Raul Castro’s government in power, Cubans are now less equal than others, but among them: it’s still very hard to be like a foreigner. What a country to establish itself as a colony and metropolis at the same time, while declaring its own citizens inferior to others.

featuredimage This US Traveler’s Glimpse of Cuba

Here in the US, we’ve heard characterizations of Cuba for many years, so until I visited, all I had were passive presumptions. Members of my extended family tried to tell me how it would feel in Cuba, and what it would be like–mostly trying to curb my optimism–even though none of them had visited Cuba. (20 photos)

featuredimage Pro & Contra US-Cuba Exchange Offensive

There are two very distinct approaches trying to influence the Trump administration’s awaited Cuba policy. An initial look at the US president’s plans for the relationship with the neighboring country is expected in the not too far off future.

featuredimage Life in Havana without Water at Home

Due to a rupture in the Havana aqueduct for two days at the beginning of this weekend some of the city’s main municipalities were without home water service. Fortunately the problem was resolved by Saturday afternoon. (12 photos)

rightcolimage GMOs in Cuba: More Questions than Answers

Once again, Cuban TV has brought up the subject of GM crops on its “Pasaje a lo Desconocido” show, where two experts on the subject, with opposite views, discussed the impact of this technology, which has been present in Cuba for some time now.

rightcolimage Cuba, Pensioners and Respect for the Law

Not too long ago, I witnessed how a policeman dressed as a civilian, fined an old lady, with the help of two inspectors. Minutes later, they took her merchandise to a police truck that was parked nearby. Persecution of retirees and other vendors trying to survive is commonplace.

rightcolimage Medicine, the Most Sought-after University Degree

Entrance exams for university took place about 15 days ago here in Cuba. Thousands of young people from every province are waiting to find out what course they will get, their future depends on it, the future of this country too.

rightcolimage A Common Story in a Multi-Family Havana Building

Juan Mariscal, who the children in the neighborhood nick-named “the Bear” for having a hairy back, was a hardline Communist and a well-off spy who always criticized our education and our families’ ideological commitment…

rightcolimage A Dump of a Hostel and My Solution

I must confess that the first night I spent in Lima city was hell for me. I felt like I had gone back in time to Cuba 16 years ago when I used to live at the students residence at the Universidad de Oriente, where I shared a room and bathroom with complete strangers.

rightcolimage My Trip to Prague, Writing from Cuba

Writing a regular diary in Prague was difficult for me. The peculiarities of the video journalism course, my encounter with the city, with the Internet and with the Czech people filled my 24 hours to the full.

rightcolimage One More Step Towards an Animal Protection Law in Cuba

Just a week ago, the Cuban Association for the Defense of Animals called for a collection of signatures rejecting the crime that took place in Manzanillo. Almost 2,000 signatures were collected in just six days and there are still people who are interested in signing the petition so that animal abuse becomes a punishable crime.

rightcolimage Faggots and Homophobes

They are called faggots, pussies, chickens, crazies… but these are all derogatory names. Calling a man a “faggot” is the worst insult you can give him. And that’s because homophobia is as deeply-rooted and entrenched as machismo itself.