Cuba Hosts Visit from North Korean FM

    North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Young-ho arrives Monday in Havana for an official visit to the allied nation. He will meet with the Cuban FM Bruno Rodriguez, reported Telesurtv.

featuredimage Finalists of the HT Cuba 2017 Photo Contest

After three rounds of selection today we bring you the finalists of the HT Cuba 2017 Photo Contest, our ninth event. The 19-member jury started with 1105 pictures from 144 photographers in the six categories. The final round includes 64 photos from 40 photographers who have at least one entry.

featuredimage Abdel Legra, a Democrat More Than an Opponent

During the current Cuban electoral process, 650 dissidents and opponents attempted to become district representative candidates, exercising their due right as recognized in the Constitution and Electoral Law, as Cuban citizens. None of them were successful.

featuredimage What’s Cuba doing about violence against women?

In Cuba, we are advocating for an end to violence against women, but it continues to be institutionalized somewhat, justified by our idiosyncrasy, concealed by our kind of culture and in everyday life.

featuredimage The 10-Block Pedestrian Zone on Cuba’s Isle of Youth

Boulevards for pedestrians are in fashion here in Cuba and provincial capitals compete to be the most beautiful and attractive. Nueva Gerona, the main city on the Isle of Youth, wasn’t left behind as the capital of the so-called Special Municipality, which is in fact an island province that appears in chronicles ever since 1519 with the name Isle of Pines.

rightcolimage In Cuba, Nothing Seems to Change

Roberto is an old neighbor who always talks to me about the same things over and over again. Julio, another old neighbor, repeats the same things to me, and these are the same things that are always going round and round in my head.

rightcolimage The World Doesn’t Have Extremes

I’m sure that Cuba’s experience is already enough to find a path that can make Marti’s dream (“for all and for the well-being of all”) a reality without committing itself to any “-ism” and only using what works, ignoring parts of the world that only check minds and maps.

rightcolimage A Friendly Hand

One day, I was coming back from one of the editions of a Havana Film Festival. I was walking alone back then; I didn’t need anyone to walk through the capital’s Vedado neighborhood, from movie theater to movie theater, backpack on my shoulder…

rightcolimage Good and Bad News for Havana DotA Players

In spite of the first DotA tournament in Cuba, organized by ADEC (Cuba’s eSports Group), being interrupted by Hurricane Irma, it has continued to take place at the Central I.T. Palace in Central Havana.

rightcolimage Trump, a Dangerous President

The process of establishing bilateral relations between Cuba and the US has been hurt lots of times. The Cuban government position has always been the same, inflexible and with its backward politics.

rightcolimage Hunter Hunted, More on Gender Violence in Cuba

Conner Gorry’s article, Me too: Gender Violence in Havana, took me back to an incident that happened a long time ago, which I still remember, even when, let’s just say, my memory isn’t the best.

rightcolimage I Don’t Want to Live to 120 Years Old

In Cuba, it’s no secret to anyone that the population is aging more and more as the days go by. The reasons for this are many, but there are two main ones: low birth rates, also for many different reasons, and the advances made in medicine and healthcare.

rightcolimage Bribes and red carpets

A friend told me about an ethical conflict: he had managed to get a medical appointment for his wife who has problems with her thyroid. He was even given the “gift” he’d have to hand over to the specialist.